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Fine City Fasteners



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  • The versatile filler.
  • Available in original powder or ready mixed.
  • Drillable.
  • Adhesion, will not shrink or crack.

Polycell Multi Purpose Polyfilla Ready Mixed

Multi-Purpose Polyfilla is ready mixed for a smooth, creamy consistency. Special binders give guaranteed adhesion and a fill which will not shrink or crack.

How to Apply


  • Ensure surface and crack are dry and free from loose material
  • Touch in nails and screw heads with oil based paint
  • Stir to a creamy consistency
  • Press into crack with a filling knife, smoothing off with a wet knife
  • For deeper repairs, above 10mm, build up in layers allowing to dry between applications.
  • If necessary, sand down when fully dried
  • To stop product drying out when storing, replace membrane and lid
  • Wash tools in warm water.


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